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Stay tuned for the announcement of our 2023 awards ceremony details!
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The 2023 Virginia Dance Awards is an annual awards ceremony and performance production created in an effort to recognize the many talented performing artists and contributors amongst the growing dance community in Richmond, Virginia. 

An Virginia Dance Award will be presented to 22 artistic professionals across all dance genres including but not limited to:

Best Dance Company

Best Choreography

Dancer of the Year

Best Collaboration

 Choreographer of the Year

 Dance Instructor of the Year

 Dance Studio of the Year

Artistic Direction

... and so many more!

Recipients of each award will be selected by our esteemed Virginia Dance Awards Nomination Committee -- a small group of distinguished colleagues and dance professionals that are committed to making the performing arts, particularly dance, a priority in the state of Virginia.  Comprised of dance professionals and performers throughout the state our diverse selection of members will be united in their mission to acknowledge and support Virginia's performing artists' by celebrating and recognizing their accomplishments. 

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Join our audience and be present to support our nominees. We seek to unite people through their shared love for high quality, entertaining performances. Ticket sales will begin in November 2023. 

Dancer in Sunset
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