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This year's awards ceremony will be both live and virtual!  We spent some time in the event space and devised a safe seating plan that should keep everyone healthy and socially distanced, if you choose to attend live.  Sadly, we'll have to keep the mingling and reuniting to a minimum, as we don't want too many people congregating in one area.  

  • As you enter the building, after you check in at the registration table, you will be escorted to the step and repeat for pictures with those that arrived with you.  You will then be escorted to your designated table, where you will be asked to remain until the event finale.   Masks must be worn any time you are away from your table (restroom, performing, presenting an award and/or accepting an award) and we will have a serving staff on hand to bring you meals and drinks.  

  • Main Street Train Station event space is a total of 47,000 square feet, roughly the length of two football fields.  The stage will be set up at the head of the space, 25 feet away from the first row of attendees.  

  • The seating will be divided into two halves, seating no more than 150 people in each half.  The nominees and presenters will be seated in the first half, closest to the stage, to minimize walking distance if accepting an award.  Each table will be spaced 15 ft apart and will seat a maximum of 6 people per table. 

  • Plastic wear will be used for all meals and drinks for safe and easy disposal. Silverware will be prepackaged. All servers will be wearing masks and will be instructed to consistently wash hands between each serving trip.

  • Behind the first section, there will be a 50 ft gap in the middle of the room, separating the second half of seating designated for the dance community and supporters.  This will be slightly further away from the stage (still a very good view!).  Each table will also be spaced 15 ft apart and will seat a maximum of 6 people per table.  

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