2019 RVA Dance Award Recipients
Congratulations the 2019 RVA Dance Award Recipients!  Please join us as we celebrate these well-deserving dance professionals.  All photos provided by Gianna Grace Photography. 

BEST DANCE COMPANY                                             the richmond ballet​​

BEST DANCE STUDIO                                                        jadore dance

BEST AFRICAN CHOREOGRAPHY​                          elegba folklore society

BEST CONTEMPORARY CHOREOGRAPHY                     ilana puglia

BEST TAP CHOREOGRAPHY                                           lauren stiglich

COMMUNITY DANCER OF THE YEAR​​                        kevin laMarr jones

BEST HIP HOP CHOREOGRAPHY                                   tony colden

BEST JAZZ CHOREOGRAPHY​​                                        katherine martyak

BEST ARTISTIC DIRECTION​​                                                lauren gareau

BEST LYRICAL CHOREOGRAPHY​​                                     ashley wyatt

BEST BALLET CHOREOGRAPHY​                                         eric rivera


BEST DIGITAL CONTENT​​                                                    dancers of rva

DANCE INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR                              maggie floyd

BEST HIP HOP FREESTYLE                                       roberto "aero" whitaker

BEST COLLEGIATE DANCE TEAM​                        Virginia Union University

CHOREOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR​​                                  starr foster

YOUTH DANCER OF THE YEAR​                                   liv isabella klingler

DANCER OF THE YEAR​​                                                      maggie small

BEST COLLABORATION                                           "dark side of the moon"

(RVA Dance Collective, Radar Dance Company & Dogwood Dance Company)​

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT​​ AWARD                                     frances wessells

Congratulations to all of the nominees and thank you for your many years of passion and dedication to the RVA dance scene.



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